Have you prepared your flyer distribution for the school holiday program?

Even if you are doing so, check out what you are missing.

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Hey friend, we are doing flyer distribution for the past 3 years, we know this is the best time to do flyer distribution for school holidays (End OCT 2016 to JAN 2017). There are a lot of people don’t know that we have Orange (EDU) booklet in the market; hence I believe you are the first few tuition houses to see this advertisement. Please see my offer below.

  • Orange (EDU) is NOT a flyer that people will read and throw, because there are at least 30 deals combined.
  • Orange (EDU) is NOT targeting blindly but only to HDB around schools: See here
  • Orange (EDU) is NOT regularly available, it is only during the school holiday

quoteIf you are not doing well for the first 3 quarters of the year, you will be doing worst for the next 6 months if you are still using the same strategies.

Flyer Distribution - Flyer on trash bin

Distribution Locations

East: Tampines, Bedok 46 and 47

  • Tampines Schools List – click here to view
  • Primary School:
    » Tampines North Primary School
    » Gongshang Primary School
    » Yumin Primary School
    » Chong Zheng Primary School
    » Angsana Primary School
    » East Spring Primary School
  • Bedok 46 and 47 School List – click here to view
  • Primary School:
    » Bedok Green Primary School
    » Opera Estate Primary School
    » St Stephen's School
    » East Coast Primary School
    » Fengshan Primary School
    » Red Swastika School
    » Yu Neng Primary School
Flyer Distribution Location in Singapore
Flyer Distribution - Math Student

If you are a tuition house that can provide best academic skills to the students that need help. If you can transform a student from “C” grade to a “Destination”. We are here to help!

We do not time the market; we accumulate students during good and bad times. Orange (EDU) not only distributes 10,000 flyers to the HDB Door to Door, but also on the street to make sure everyone is connected. It attracts over 10,000 eye balls on street during peak hours. How we manage to do that? We engage the residents with lucky draw on spin and win and also explain orange to them when they are excited about it. The marketing strategy will bring your tuition branding from cool to warm or warm to hot! Once you have your brand image stay long enough in the parents mind, they will feel different the next time when you engage them, for example, your class fee will not be as difficult to sell as the last time!

Flyer Distribution - Our Client "My First Skool"
Flyer Distribution On Street Distribution

quoteThanks Flyer Distribution team! My colleagues staying in that area has also told me that they have received the flyers.

Jacqueline My First Skool

Flyer Distribution Client's Logo

Compare Price

You may be thinking Orange is expensive and only for big brands. The answer is NO. Let me show you. Apple to Orange compare: 10,000 A4 flyer HDB door to door & 2,000 A4 flyer street distribution with display board for 2 days (32 work hours)

Holding Orange Flyer Distribution Booklet

Flyer Distribution - AppleApple

  • 12,000 Print A4 flyer 128gsm 1 sided SGD 590
  • 10,000 HDB Door to Door distributions SGD 350
  • 2,000 Street distributions with display SGD 960

Total: SGD 1,900+GST

  • Your standalone deal only
  • Nothing to engage to residents
  • Low acceptance
  • Low retention
  • Cold to Warm
  • Difficult to spread via words of mouth
  • Single online marketing effort


Expensive, but you can choose the day and specific location you want

Orange Flyer Distribution Logo in HalfOrange Flyer Distribution

  • 12,000 Print A4 flyer 128gsm 1 sided
  • 10,000 HDB Door to Door distributions
  • 2,000 Street distributions with display

Total: SGD 600 Nett

  • Combine with 30 deals
  • Lucky draw spin and win to get connected with residents
  • High acceptance because no one throw a booklet compare to a piece of flyer
  • High retention because you need time to finish browsing the whole booklet
  • Warm to Hot
  • Easily spread via words of mouth
  • Double the effort as Orange also market your flyer online


Affordable, combine effort of other advertiser within the targeted location

Now, if you are the first 10 customers, we are charging early bird at only SGD 480 Nett

Chop your space first without payment! We are collecting top 30 customers only and we will launch soonest.

Orange Flyer Distribution Logo

Address: 1003 Toa Payoh Industrial Park Unit #03-1501 Singapore 319075 Business Hours: Monday to Friday (9:00am - 6:00pm) / Saturday (9:00am - 1:00pm)

Telephone: +65 6635 8218 / +65 6353 5152
eMail: sales@ikendesign.sg
Website: www.OrangeFlyerdistribution.com

“Hey Ken, Thank you and your team for the hard work. We have gained 30% walk-in customers! Best marketing and flyer distribution service I ever had. Great customer service and creative designers. I will definitely refer my partners and suppliers to you for future jobs. Keep it up!“


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