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What's Sitebuilder 3.0?

Web web web Site Builder 3.0 is an internet content management system made for use by anybody in University of Ca Agriculture and Natural Resources to produce and keep maintaining a website. This Help web web site is specialized in assisting you to get where you're going through it.

You can contact us directly at Communication Services and Information Technology for advice on how to use Site Builder 3.0 or to suggest additions or changes to this Help site if you are ANR personnel. Non-ANR workers should contact their coordinator that is local or administrator for help.

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Sharing files with Box rather than the ANR File Vault - Simple tips to do things in Box

MODIFY: you will see a Box training webinar using put on Thursday June 13 at noon. E-mail to get more details.

MODIFY 2: movie for the training webinar is present right right here.

In a youthful post, we said that individuals are getting ready to change the aging ANR File Vault with solutions given by In this article, we want to exhibit you Box equivalents to typical File Vault functions. equivalents to Filevault functions

Forward a File ( from a person that is non-ANR

This particular feature ( permitted anybody, both in and outside of ANR, to deliver a file to ANR staff. The procedure is best suited if the UCANR individual requests the file through the up-loader first.

  1. Head to or produce a brand new folder to act as the site that is upload. Observe that individuals uploading files cannot see other documents for the reason that folder, or recall/edit the document once uploaded.
  2. Go directly to the More Options menu, and choose File Request

Put In A File

This particular feature permits UCANR Portal users to generally share a file with interior or outside how to create a website free of cost users. Moreover it enables you to keep a personal repository of files that could be accessed from anywhere.

In, there is absolutely no explicit file termination. However, links to files can expire, and also this is covered below

    Go directly to the variety of files and/or files, select More Options for the file or folder you need to share, then choose Share -

File Teams

The File Vault lets you arrange files into groups and down load the combined group as being a Zip file. You are able to do a comparable part of Box.

    Pick one or more folder (or numerous papers, or papers *and* files) via shift-click

Download Monitoring has so much more substantial monitoring than the File Vault. To see a brief history of actions for a file (editing, uploads, packages, views), just choose the file; you will observe a summary of information on the right part associated with the window:

Clicking View Details explains who, just what and when; moreover it offers you the capability to Export the given information to a CSV file. This file will be in a folder entitled Box Reports when you look at the top level folder ("All Files") This report can take as much as every day become developed.

Methods for usage

significant Security Upgrade for Windows 7 and XP

Previously this month, Microsoft circulated a safety improvement for computer systems operating older version of Windows (7 and XP mainly). Scientists recently discovered a vulnerability that enables attackers to infiltrate and gain control of un-patched computers.

Users of Windows 7 and or windows 7 computer systems should use the Microsoft protection updates straight away.

Users of Windows 10 or 8 aren't impacted.

You aren't some type of computer running either of these os's, at house or on the job, must also you should think about updating to Windows 10 at the earliest opportunity. Please contact UC ANR IT Help at to learn more.

Sharing files with Box rather than the ANR File Vault

Maybe you have heard about Box?

You might not realize that UC Davis staff, pupils and faculty have entitlement to a merchant account because of the cloud file sharing solution; this covers many ANR staff. It offers the capability for users without Portal records to deliver files to ANR staff. We are retiring the File Vault service in the near future because it can do much of what the File Vault can do and so much more.

You use, for instance, to log in to the Time Reporting System) if you have a UC Davis account, go to and log in using your UC Davis username and password (what. Some other UC campuses have agreements, even though the designs may vary. To learn more, see:

Some comparisons between Box and File Vault

September 2, 2019 File Vault uploads will undoubtedly be disabled but files that are existing nevertheless be designed for download
October 1, 2019 File Vault will soon be entirely disabled and unavailable to all or any users
December 2, 2019 Any remaining files into the File Vault may be deleted

Extra information

Within an future post, we shall provide directions when it comes to Box equivalents of this primary File Vault functions. For those who have any queries or issues, tell us via or Additionally, we are about to host a training that is webinar on Zoom to assist a person with Box essentials. Try to find that statement quickly.

New Designs for your SiteBuilder Site

When you have interacted aided by the UC ANR website recently, you should have noticed it has encountered an important renovation. Built to address the evolving requirements of UC ANR today plus in the near future, our brand new effort supplies the ANR team utilizing the tools to talk to our audiences in effective and compelling methods.

The UC ANR website is only the start, however. We have been trying to result in the brand brand new designs and functionality accessible to the whole ANR community. It's a process that is complicated to ensure our old internet web web sites will make the change effectively without having any interruptions or mistakes. We do have, nonetheless, a couple of websites that have previously made the alteration consequently they are publicly open to have a look at.

If you're hopeful for your UC ANR web site to consider the fresh look, remember to register on SiteBuilder. Or e mail us straight at Our company is desperate to make use of you!

To join up your internet site for use for the new designs:

  1. Sign in through the Portal
  2. Simply Click 'Edit' beside the web site you have in mind updating
  3. Click 'Sign Me Up' beneath the message about 'New web web Site Builder Designs Early Adoption'

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