Orange Flyer Distribution Treats School Holiday NOV-DEC 2016

Even if you have already plan it, see what you could have missed!

What is "Treats"

Most of the time, it hard to get attention and it is harder to get someone to look into a new branding of products if there are already a lot of alternatives. Treats are used to get more attention.

Why do we need Treats

The result of treats can be influencing. Creating something that is relevant to student and able to help students as support will be best! It helps to build your company profile, it will also help you to create some referrals when someone else is also interested. Example of Notebook with guides...

How it will be applied to my flyer?

We usually put the Treats before your mean core offer. But some cases we put it after core offer. We do not have a fixed rules but you will need to measure it. We can test it by asking some of our existing customer or create poster to attract customer. Create banners in social media to test it. You will know that images and message may not work as effective compared to Treats.


  • Treats are used to created more attention over alternative brands
  • Treats are more powerful when it is related and relevant to target audience
  • We can use Treats to do referrals if the response is good
  • Do not trick your customer using Treats. You will have to test it to enhance your core offer

If you are reading this, you should get yourself ready to do your flyer. If you still do not have your design ready, please see here. If you need advise or get us to do it for you, we are most welcome.

See iKen Design Kit here for help:
Get ready to do your Orange flyer distribution, see which offer fits you the most here!

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