Saying print marketing is dead is basically the same as saying marketing is dead.
The reason why any form of marketing will work it because it is either good or bad. The way in which a message is spread is of little consequence.
Whether it be a leaflet, billboard, tweet, post or landing page - if the message resonates the message will work.
The reason why many believe print marketing is dead is because standards in marketing have risen and print companies who print (and only print) have not kept abreast of how the world of business has changed. Most Print companies are still shelling out the same old rubbish they have been for years. Having a website does nothing for a business If it simply sits there with no digital marketing strategy in place.  It will offer little value and bring little or no sales to a business. Having a Facebook page will also do nothing for a business without a strategy. You can post motivational quotes all day and get likes, but are they customers? Getting sales from a Facebook page is again difficult if no brand and/or strategy is put in place. This is no different to the trusty leaflet
Distribute a leaflet with the same tired copy and uncreative message you and your competitors are spreading and you will see little return.
Whether leaflet, website or Facebook page, they all must have marketing strategies behind them and be contained within a strong well designed brand. In truth the clever businessman today is combining the strength of each one. Leaflets can bring in sales and quickly. Websites are so powerful for spreading news to customers but it is difficult to direct customers to them. Social Media is great for engaging in customers but you still need a well designed website behind it to get sales from your Facebook followers. Every marketing medium whether print, email, web or online advertising has their strengths and weaknesses.
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