Flyer distribution in Tampines & Bedok
School Holiday NOV-DEC 2016

Even if you have already plan it, see what you could have missed!

Flyer Distribution plan in Tampines and Bedok

Please see the map on how we are going to target in both Tampines and Bedok.

Timing to distribute

We want to distribute the flyer in mid NOV where most parents are starting to look for school tuition teachers. This is the best time to create awareness and propose new training ideas for the parents and student to review!

We complete the distribution within 9 days. Each of distribution report we will post it on Facebook Live.

Number of school covered

There are total of 13 school we can cover


School Around Tampines MRT:

  • Tampines North Primary School
  • Gongshang Primary
  • Yumin Primary School
  • Chong Zheng Primary School
  • Angsana Primary School
  • East Spring Primary School

School Around Bedok MRT:

  • Bedok Green Primary School
  • Opera Estate Primary School
  • St Stephen's School
  • East Coast Primary School
  • Fengshan Primary School
  • Red Swastika School
  • Yu Neng Primary School

How the flyer is being distributed

Total 10k flyer will be distributed to the HDB door to door. 2k flyers will be distributed on the street for engagements activities. We like to get residents to participant in the spin wheel and guide them on value offers. We work with advertisers on different deals they can offer so Orange will become more than just a single flyer but a bundle of great stuff!


  • Choose the best locations and HDBs to distribute the flyer
  • See Live update of flyer distribution
  • Number of school covered within the area
  • How Orange is being distributed and increase the awareness

If you are reading this, you should get yourself ready to do your flyer. If you still do not have your design ready, please see here. If you need advise or get us to do it for you, we are most welcome.

See iKen Design Kit here for help:
Get ready to do your Orange flyer distribution, see which offer fits you the most here!

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